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New website offers resources for Working Families Tax Credit

Beginning in 2023, low- and middle-income Washingtonians can save up to $1,200


OLYMPIA (June 29, 2022) — Fourteen years ago, the Washington State Legislature created a Working Families Tax Credit to assist low- to moderate-income Washingtonians, but it wasn’t until last year that legislators approved the funding needed to implement it.

Beginning in 2023, the Working Families Tax Credit will become available and eligible recipients will receive $300 to $1,200. So it’s crucial that unions, direct service providers, community members, and other partners who work with people eligible for the rebates know where to go to get resources.

The coalition of organizations that supported passage of the Working Families Tax Credit, including multiple labor unions, have launched a new coalition website at that will serve as an information hub for everything related to the new tax credit. Some highlights of the website include:

●  Upcoming events, including a Train the Trainer workshop series

●  Resources, including posters, toolkits, and other materials (still in development!)

●  Space to learn more about the Working Families Tax Credit and answer any common questions

●  A place to sign up for updates from the coalition

The Working Families Tax Credit Coalition was behind the historic bipartisan passage of the Working Families Tax Credit, which will provide $300-$1,200 to low- to moderate-income Washingtonians, starting in 2023! We are a coalition of organizations spanning economic and racial justice groups, immigrant rights advocates, labor, direct service providers, domestic violence advocates, and more. The credit will have an outsized positive impact for Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities in Washington, and it is an important step forward to make Washington’s upside-down tax code more just.

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