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Hearings give voice to the ‘Unemployed Nation’

More than 23 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed. They are so numerous that they could populate a nation, a distressed and forgotten nation, a nation whose voice remains unheard.

On March 30-31, an important two-day event convened to amplify that voice: the Unemployed Nation Hearings. They featured testimony from people whose lives have been gravely impacted by unemployment. Additional commentary was provided by scholars, community services and public officials.

Here is the March 30 hearing:


Here is the March 31 hearing:

In “Collateral damage of lost jobs,” Seattle Times columnist Jerry Large wrote:

The Unemployed Nation project is ringing a bell, saying the impact of employment now and going forward is magnified by the numbers of unemployed and the lengths of time people are going without jobs.

At, the Unemployed Nation Hearings live on. Check it out to see more press coverage of the hearings, written and video testimony of the unemployed, and news, analysis and resources related to unemployment.

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