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Candidate comparisons fliers now available

(Sept. 17, 2014) — Nobody likes to be told how to vote — not by their union, or anybody else. However, surveys and focus groups of rank-and-file union members show that they do want to hear from their unions about why certain candidates have earned labor’s endorsement. Then they will decide for themselves how to vote.

14-28th-GreenTo that end, the Washington State Labor Council prepares candidate comparison fliers for every election year for State Legislative races. These fliers — which are intended for union members and their families only and are available for downloading and viewing here — compare candidates in key legislative races on issues that are important to working families.

Do they support important items on organized labor’s shared prosperity agenda, such as allowing all workers to earn paid sick leave, discouraging wage theft and employee misclassification, and supporting job-creating investments in roads, bridges, and other state infrastructure?

The WSLC candidate comparison fliers answer those questions, and then tell union members and their families: “You decide. But most importantly, send in your ballot and VOTE by Nov. 4th!”

WSLC-affiliated unions can also request customized versions of these fliers with their union’s names and logos on them. The WSLC will even substitute different issues that are critical to specific unions’ members upon request. Just email David Groves of the WSLC with your requests.

The fliers are only available in targeted legislative races, but union members can easily access the same information about incumbent state legislators by checking out the WSLC Legislative Voting Records that explain how lawmakers voted on important working families issues. Or if you have specific questions about where candidates in your district stand on certain issues, email the WSLC and they’ll do their best to answer those questions.

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