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IAM W24 recognizes Messenger for advocacy for laid-off workers


(From left) Marv Abbott, IAM W24 Financial Secretary; Noel Willet, IAM W25 Assistant Directing Business Representative; Bill Messenger; and Chip Elliott, IAM W24 President/Directing Business Representative.

(Sept. 29, 2015) — Machinists (IAM) District Lodge W24 presented Bill Messenger, Workforce Investment Act Liaison with the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, a special award last weekend to recognize his efforts to assist their laid-off members and other workers impacted by mass layoffs and plant closures.

Alongside fellow WIA Liaison Caitlyn Jekel, Messenger works with companies to find alternatives to such closures and layoffs, and when they can’t be avoided, makes sure the affected workers have access to job retraining and reemployment program opportunities.

“It was an unexpected honor to be recognized by the IAM Woodworkers,” Messenger said. “We always work well together and it really is a team effort.”

The award inscription reads, “Presented to Bill Messenger, in appreciation of your Partnership, Valued Friendship, and Dedication to Organized Labor. (From) IAM&AW District Lodge W24.”

IAM District Lodge W24 represents more than 6,500 members in five states who work in logging, sawmills, plywood, particleboard, pole yards, sort yards, dock workers, tree farm operations and other wood products industries, plus workers in aerospace, truck manufacturing, automotive repair, general manufacturing and public service. For more information, visit the union’s website.

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