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Lower premiums now available at Washington HealthPlanFinder

Biden’s American Rescue Act makes it easier to get covered, stay covered


The following is from the Washington Health Benefit Exchange:

OLYMPIA (May 7, 2021) — Health coverage purchased on Washington Healthplanfinder became much more affordable on Thursday as the Washington Health Benefit Exchange rolled out new savings to help Washingtonians with the cost of their individual health insurance.

Under the new American Rescue Plan Act, more than half a million people statewide will find more savings on their health insurance through Washington Healthplanfinder, making it easier to get covered and stay covered. The opportunity to sign up or switch plans ends Aug. 15, 2021, and the Exchange is encouraging the uninsured, recently unemployed, and anyone purchasing individual insurance off the Exchange to take advantage of this opportunity.

“Beginning today, new customers who apply will see lower premiums under this new law,” said Pam MacEwan, Chief Executive Officer of the Exchange. “This new financial help is only available through Washington Healthplanfinder and comes at a critical time as we recover from the global pandemic.”

People can find out if they qualify by checking options on that is free, safe, and secure. Certified Insurance brokers, navigators, enrollment centers, and other certified assisters across the state are also ready to provide free assistance to help customers sign up for affordable coverage from trusted brand name plans as well as the best regional and local carriers.

Washington Healthplanfinder helps enrollees who have been hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic and recession,” added MacEwan. “Current customers, on average, will see premium reductions of 45%. These savings will be automatically applied to reduce premiums, and most customers will not need to take any action to get these savings.”

Who can take advantage of these historic savings?

  • The uninsured: For the uninsured, new help means lower health insurance costs than ever before. Over 260,000 people in Washington who do not have insurance can get coverage that is close to free or at far lower costs than ever before. The American Rescue Plan means most uninsured Washingtonians can get a high-value Cascade plan for less than $100 a month or basic coverage for as little as $1 per month.
  • The unemployed: People in Washington who receive unemployment insurance benefits in 2021 and report that income in Washington Healthplanfinder can get the most generous possible coverage for as low as $1 per month, regardless of their total income.
  • Off-Exchange customers: Tens of thousands of Washingtonians who buy their coverage directly from a health insurance company may be able to save hundreds of dollars per month by switching to a similar plan offered through Washington Healthplanfinder.

Customers who qualify for free or low-cost health coverage through the Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) program can sign-up year-round.

Customers seeking coverage through Washington Healthplanfinder can contact an Exchange certified Broker, Navigator, enrollment center or the Customer Support Center between 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday-Friday at 1-855-923-4633; TTY: 855-627-9604 to initiate coverage. The Customer Support Center will also offer extended hours on Saturday, May 15 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Free help from local experts is accessible here.

Read more Frequently Asked Questions on the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

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