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With new contract, Hotel Murano available for union events

TACOMA (Feb. 22, 2024) — With this year’s closure of Olympia’s unionized hotel/event space, UNITE HERE Local 8 would like to remind all union organizations and members that an excellent alternative exists just a few miles up the road in Tacoma. The Hotel Murano offers up to 28,000 square feet of flexible space for a wide range of events, state-of-the-art audio and visual tech, and of course, union hospitality.

Workers at the Murano agreed to a new contract last year, ensuring that workers there have access to quality affordable family health care and fair wages. Their new contract resulted in Hotel Murano employees winning raises up to $2, extending recall rights to 18 months, and keeping union health care coverage despite the company wanting to reduce costs in response to the pandemic.

“We fought for higher pay. We stuck together because we know we need more and deserve more than what our company paid us,” said Murano housekeeper and committee leader Mayte Tepalcingo. “Earning minimum wage is not enough for us as parents and we want the best for our kids. Now, I feel less stressed that my workplace recognizes my value and that helps me support my family. Our unity is what won us our raises and that’s how others can win. When we are united and we fight, we win!”

Union workers at the Hotel Murano look forward to serving local and national labor movement events in Tacoma. Check out UNITE HERE Local 8’s list of unionized hotels in Washington, and UNITE HERE’s Fair Hotel national guide for more socially responsible options.

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